Who are the Harrisburg Perl Mongers?

The Harrisburg Perl Mongers are an informal group of geeks who get together to learn more about the Perl programming language. Our goal is to get together regularly to talk about Perl and other interesting things. Feel free to join us both on the mailing list and at the meetings. You don't have to be a Perl hacker to fit in: if you are not and we can convey that perl is enough of an interest, then we have done our job.

Getting involved

You can go here to sign up for the mailing list.

You can also join us on IRC! on See you there!

About the Organizer

Jason MayJason May is the lead organizer and is happy to field any inquiries you may have. He is active on Twitter and Github.

Topics of Interest

There are a lot of cool new things going on in Perl that are worth talking about. Some of these things include:


We are in the works of planning an informal meetup in Carlisle, PA. Stay tuned! Updates will show up here and on the twitter account.

Other nearby events

You may also be interested in attending these events. It's always good to branch out!